Big Bash League Video Game

Big Ant Studio is an Australian game developer company and also known as best developers of games in Australia. They successfully developed “Big Bash Boom.” Big Bash Boom is Big Bash league video game, and in this game, all the players are just character and playing the cricket with excellent graphics.

All the graphics and features of the game look pure and clear. Big Bash Boom comes with the collaboration with the Australian cricket board. Fans can now see their fans in their own hand devices in the form of cricket. There are many cricket lover in Australia and all over the world who love to play cricket in mobile devices and PC.

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With the help of this game, a big bash lover can now choose the team on their own choices. Moreover, the big bash boom is fully licensed and include all teams and players. The game is not freely available, and you can download the game by giving a little fee to the publisher. After hitting a six, there is a short dance where players can jump, and it amazes the contest and new feature in the game.

Big Bash league Video Game Features

There are an Arcade action and all big-hitting T20 shots. Players can do all the work, and all the rules and policies are real and original. All the players can jump anytime and anywhere without any difficulty. All the KFC big bash league players and rebel Women’s Big Bash League. Here are some more features of Big Bash League:

Massive Powerups: This is not regular cricket. In the game, there are a lot of powerups.

Moreover, there are ducks while bowling which is not in a regular cricket game. You can set more rules and regulations. During the powerups, you can hit sixes and fours more to win the game.

Unlockable features: There are many lock features, and you can unlock them by playing more and more games. Although you can do some custom celebrations and headwear, for example, when you hit the six, players can start dancing and similarly after winning the game, all the team members can celebrate like in regular cricket.

Dancing Mascots: When the batsmen out on duck or hit the sixes, then players can dance as all look original and great.

Mode of BBL Tournament: New season of BBL is coming, and now you can play the game in 2019-2020 season. Last year, many users played the game in 2018-2019 season.

How to download Big Bash league Video game?

It is easy to download the big bash league video game. Big bash boom is not freely available. There is a small fee to download the BBL video game. If there are some free version available on an unofficial site, then we don’t recommend. You should download the game only from the official website and get amazed with the maximum features of the BBL video game.

The game is available on PlayStation. Big Ant Studios are the developer of the game, and they uploaded it on the PlayStation. So you can download and play the game easily.

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BBL Video Game Available Devices

Big Bash league video game is available for Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and also it is available on PC. The video game is available now, and there were thousands of pre-order before the Big bash league season 8.

Earn More Coins to buy new Gear

There are no tools for creating a player or team. There are several customization and options which help you to create some players feature like helmet and bucket. There are some tasks that you need to complete to get the full Gear instead of it; you can not buy. Moreover, you cannot buy the players celebration after hitting the six or win the game. Teams can’t enjoy the win before unlocking some features.

Big Bash Cricket Game for BBL

There is another big bash league video game, and you can enjoy the game with more features. The game is available for both Android and IOS. This game also comes with the official permission from the Big bash league board. The graphics of the game are perfect and more transparent, and you will enjoy while playing.

There are many modes of the game. Some users claim that it is not easy to bowl securely. When you vary the length and pace, batsmen can dispatch it, and it is frustrating. Although, it makes the users difficult.

Nextwave multimedia uploaded the game on the Android play store, and you can download it on your devices. On the other hand, if you want to download the game for PC or Android, then you can download some Android Emulators and play the game on your Android devices.

In the new update, the game becomes more perfect and reliable. It will increase the user-experience and play more authentic shots from your android devices.


In this article, we have discussed two official games of the big bash league. One is a big bash boom, and other is Big bash cricket. Both games are amazing. But we recommend you that you should try the Big bash boom game first. This big bash league video game is more unusual, and developer of the game is from Australian famous developing company. Both the BBL and WBBL players are available in the sports, and you will get the real game experience while playing the big bash boom game.