Big Bash League T-Shirts

The big bash is coming in December with full zeal and zest and merchandise is a big seller for this season and providing t-shirts for the team and other BBL accessories. As big bash league will come in the Christmas days. It will increase the excitement in fans and fans will also wear the t-shirts or caps of their favorite team during the matches.

Australian cricket board did not choose the traditional state color. They want some flashy uniforms for all the teams. The dress looks fantastic in flashy colors. The decision from the cricket board was correct, and they won as viewers and fans love the uniform.

Perth Scorchers T-Shirt

If we talk about the best dress in the big bash league, then Perth scorchers wear the best costume. From all the eight teams, Perth scorcher wins the competition. Black and Orange is a perfect combination and represents Scorchers in the best way. It looks and fits in the stinking hot weather that is more prominent in Western Australia.

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Melbourne Stars T-Shirt

Melbourne stars have dropped the Star on their jersey. It is a bit different. The Star was at the front and looked more prominent and visible. This is a massive difference. Possibly this shirt will at long last help them abstain from gagging in the semi-finals phases of the competition.

Adelaide Strikers T-Shirt

Adelaide Strikers have a T-shirt with a more traditional shade of blue. Brisbane heat does not have a lot of traditional look in colors. This is positivity towards the team and shows the right image. Adult men will not feel any ashamed by using this t-shirt.

Melbourne Renegades T-Shirt

Melbourne Renegades t-shirt is just average since the big bash league started and this is the best way to explain this t-shirt. The red color is perfect, but Chris gayle failed by wearing this t-shirt because he couldn’t stand out.

Sydney Thunder T-Shirt

The color of the sweater is electric green and looks more fantastic, and players can stand out well by wearing these t-shirts. There is a lame thunderbolt on the front of the shirt, and it does not look cool. So next time, may the team will rethink on their uniform.

Hobart Hurricanes T-Shirt

It takes time to accept the purple colors of the Hobart Hurricanes. The Australian cricket has encouraged the people to accept the purple color as jersey. As the team is known as Hurricanes and purple shade does not suit more.

Sydney Sixers T-Shirt

Many people don’t like the magenta color because it is not a color that at international level fans like it much. There are some flashy stars which are also not shading well on the purple. If the matches are at the national level, then it is beautiful. But there must be a lot of international audiences, and, color does not attract much.

Brisbane Heat T-Shirt

There are also some problems with the Brisbane heat t-shirts. If we look at the t-shirt once it seems excellent, but if we see deep, then there are some flashy shades of blue colors that give a different look and little lack of contrast.


We have mentioned all the big bash league t-shirts, and each team has a great t-shirt. We shared our own and public review on the t-shirts of each team. All the shirts look fantastic, but we had just a problem with little Brisbane heat shirt of flashy shades and Sydney thunder t-shirt that is magenta. Share your views with us. How much do you like the t-shirts of big bash league teams?