Big Bash League Rules

Almost all the matches of the big bash league are the same; there is no hard and fast rule. If you hit a bowl, then you can make maximum runs as much as you can. On the other hand, if you are bowling, then you can do the same way to stop the opposition. Here in this guide, we are sharing some standard rules of the big bash league.

The team with the highest score in the game will win. It merely means that the maximum score team will win the game. The match will long for three hours and a big bash league match full of energy, entertainment, and passion.

The coming season of big bash league 2019-2020 will start from 17 December and end in February. Usually, the BBL matches begin in the mid of December. Its totally family outing and most of the families come to watch the matches to enjoy their summer vacations. There will 57 matches in the 2019-20 big bash league instead of 59. Don’t forget to check out BBL points table for season 09.

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Big Bash League Basics

The standard and fundamental rule of the game is to score well and take maximum wickets if you want to win any cricket game. Usually, there are 11 players in a game of twenty-twenty and match ends within 3 hours. There are always two teams, and one team will win at the end. If the match tie then matches go for the super-over. Both teams get the chance of batting and bowling. Which team will bat first? It depends on the toss. The team winning the toss will bat first. All the members of the team will hit and bowl as most of the players are specialize in batting, and some are in bowling.

Scoring Runs in Big Bash League

At each end of the wicket, there must be one batsman. At a time, two batsmen will go on the batting line. The other player will be standing behind the white parallel line. Players can score maximum. The main aim of scoring more is to hit from the bat into space and make maximum runs without worry. Both the players have to run to complete one run.

Taking Wickets in Big Bash League

To win any game from the bowling side is to gain maximum wickets. The bowler has to bowl well to make the wickets to win the game. On the other hand, fielding has to feed well and catch maximum to out the opposition. There are many different ways to get out the batter. Very few ways are not common, but common ways are by taking the wickets or catch the ball from the fielder.

Setting the field BBL 2019-20

It is the responsibility of the team captain to arrange the players in an area. But two positions are already declared. Position of bowler for fast and slow bowling. And, wicketkeeper positions already fixed. The other nine positions of the players depend on the captain where the captain determines according to the game plan.

In BBL, the first six overs are essential, and players have to remain inside the field. Only two players are allowed outfield. While the other seven will remain in the infield. Once the six overs finished. Now it depends on the captain either he wants to add three more players in the outfield.

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But according to rules of big bash league, only three players can go in the outfield. Any player can stop the bowl with hand, run, or dive. The primary purpose is to stop the ball at any cost, once batsman hit the ball. A bowler can also catch the bowl if a batsman hits in the air. It is the responsibility of the player that the ball should not touch the boundary.

Multiple Super Overs in Big Bash League 2019-20

According to the new rules of big bash league, if the super over also tie then a subsequent super over will start until final decision take place. Multiple super over choice will get more interest from the viewers and fans. Multiple super overs are for both BBL and WBBL. After the ICC Cricket world cup, super over has discussed a lot and Australian cricket also discussed well.

One of the matches of WBBL between Sydney Sixers and Melbourne Renegades gave us the reason that how much super over is essential for the fans, viewers, and team. It will be a more positive experience by allowing the super-overs in big bash league 2019-20.

Final Conclusion:

We have discussed all the basic rules of the Big bash league. The new rules announced a week ago about the allowance of multiple super-overs in the big bash league. If there are some time restraints or some venue regulation, cricket Australia will think about it and restrict the number of super overs in the big bash league.

The team with the highest placed value will win the match. The competitive season is just coming with more exciting matches between all the teams. Fans and teams are waiting for the season.